Shop Policies


  • USPS First Class mail costs $5 and takes 3-6 business days. You have the option of a new bubble mailer or a reused bubble mailer. If you would like a reused bubble mailer, please type "reused" in the order notes at checkout.
  • USPS Priority mail costs $8 and takes generally takes 2-4 business days. You will receive your order in a Priority mail packaging.
  • Packages are shipped 1-2 days after you place your order.
  • Please triple check your shipping address when ordering.  You will be responsible for the extra costs with fixing a typo mistake.
  • International Shipping is available to the following countries: Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. I can add more countries so if you do not see your country listed here feel free to reach out and ask me to add your country.
  • Once USPS is in possession of the package, I am no longer responsible for it. However, I want my customers to be happy so please contact me if something gets lost or damaged. 


  • I am a small and independently run business so please do not purchase anything with the intention of returning it.
  • However if you are not happy with your order, I accept returns within 7 days of when you received the package and make exceptions on a case by case basis. I always want the customer to be happy with their order and so don't hesitate to email me!
  • If you wish to return, please contact me through email. You must pay to ship it back and you will be refunded once we receive it in good condition.
Repair Service
  • Rose Renewal strives to create long lasting jewelry. Due to the dainty nature of this jewelry, it may break if it is not handled with great care. Please review the jewelry care for tips on how to properly care for your Rose Renewal jewelry.
  • If you need a repair please do not hesitate to contact me through email. You will need to pay to ship it to me. I do not charge for the repair service, but I charge $5 to cover shipping it back to you once it is repaired. 

Jewelry Care

  • Rose Renewal Jewelry is very dainty and delicate. It is important to handle this jewelry carefully.
  • To properly care for your jewelry, do not expose it to water (showering, swimming, high humidity weather, etc.) or chemicals (lotions, perfumes, etc.)
    • All metals (except pure gold) naturally tarnish over time. The gold plated and stainless steel options are susceptible to tarnishing, but that can be prevented and limited by properly caring for your jewelry and not wearing it in water.
    • The higher quality 14K Gold-Filled and 925 Sterling Silver options are much less susceptible to tarnishing, but I still recommend refraining from showering and swimming while wearing.


  • I use 14K Gold-Filled chain, 925 Sterling Silver chain, 18K gold plated chain, and stainless steel chain. The higher quality chains are the 14K Gold-Filled and the 925 Sterling Silver.  These chains will last longer and not tarnish for years if treated properly. The gold-plated chain and stainless steel more affordable options but will tarnish over time. 
  • Nickel Information: The 18K gold plated and stainless steel chain does contain nickel. Safety comes first in my book so if you have a nickel allergy, I do not recommend purchasing necklaces made with those options. I recommend buying the 14K Gold-Filled and 925 Sterling Silver chain.
  • Earring hooks I use are gold plated/silver plated and are NICKEL FREE.